HAPS Alliance Member Spotlight with AVEALTO on Closing the Digital Divide

Walt Anderson, AVEALTO Managing Director

AVEALTO was formed in 2013 with the goal of designing, building, and operating a fleet of HAPS vehicles that provide Wireless Infrastructure Services to close the digital divide. We joined the HAPS Alliance to find a community of organizations that we could work with to achieve our goals.

AVEALTO aims to complement existing terrestrial and satellite infrastructure, providing rapidly deployable connectivity for rural, remote, maritime, aeronautical and developing world customers, and integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

AVEALTO actively participates in the HAPS Alliance Telecommunications Working Group, where we work with fellow Alliance members to advance the global HAPS ecosystem for telecommunications use cases through education, research, regulatory advocacy, and technical standards. The group is currently focused on standards contributions to multiple groups and regulatory guidance in support of HAPS solutions.

I am pleased to announce that AVEALTO is close to completing its first-generation vehicle, and we hope that our contributions can provide greater credibility to the overall efforts of the HAPS Alliance and promote HAPS development.

The AVEALTO management team has expertise in both Aerospace and Telecommunications, which we believe will be needed to build a commercially viable HAPS vehicle to operate in underserved regions.

Access to fair-priced telecommunications services has already created prosperity in many parts of the world. We’re honored to be involved in a business that provides substantial benefits to each community that we serve.