Membership FAQ

New Members

How can I join?

Please visit Steps to Join for instructions to join the HAPS Alliance.

What is the difference between membership classes?

Principal Membership is for companies that are willing to commit time and resources to realize the world of HAPS Alliance. Principal Members are eligible for leadership positions, including an Executive Board seat and all working group leadership positions.

General membership is for companies that are interested in the development and use of HAPS. With General Membership, a company is able to vote in all working groups.

Government and Education is limited to (i) government agencies, including regulatory bodies and other organizations sanctioned by the government of the applicable jurisdiction, with the authority to direct and supervise the implementation of particular legislative acts and (ii) public or non-profit institutions of higher education, including post-secondary universities and colleges, that are organized and operated exclusively as an educational entity under the laws and regulations of its domicile jurisdiction. On a case-by-case basis, HAPS Alliance may also, in its sole discretion, grant membership in this class to other non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which HAPS Alliance consider to have missions suited to and aligned with the purposes of HAPS Alliance. The Executive Board will determine whether an applicant for the Government and Education membership class qualifies, and may reject any such application in its sole discretion. Entities whose application for the Government and Education membership class has been rejected may subsequently apply for membership in another class. An institution of higher education that qualifies for the Government and Education membership class may, upon approval of the Executive Board, opt to participate in another membership class, and, if approved, will be subject to the membership fee for the applicable membership class.

What happens after I fill out and submit the Membership Application?

Your application will be reviewed by the HAPS Alliance membership team for completeness within three business days. If your application is complete, it will be sent to the Executive Board for approval.  The approval period is one week.  If there are any questions or further review required, you will be notified and kept informed of the status.

What resources are available to learn more about the HAPS Alliance?

 To learn more about the HAPS Alliance, download a copy of the HAPS Alliance Pitch Deck or please visit our Resources page.

Membership Dues

What are the membership fees?

Membership fees are set by the HAPS Alliance Executive Board. Currently HAPS Alliance offers three classes of membership which companies can self-select based on their intended involvement in the HAPS Alliance. The annual Principal Membership fee is $25,000 USD; the annual General Membership fee is $10,000 and the Government and Education Membership fee is $0.

How long is the membership term?

Membership is active for 1 (one) year from the date your initial membership dues are received by HAPS Alliance. If an organization pays on May 31, 2020, their membership will be active for one year until May 30, 2021, at which point their membership will be eligible for renewal.

What payment methods are accepted?

HAPS Alliance can accept payment by check or wire transfer. All necessary details to process payment are included on your invoice.

Are the membership dues inclusive of taxes and fees?

In the event any governmental authority imposes any sales, use or excise tax, duty, custom, levy, fee, or any other tax, charge or fee of any nature related to the payment of the membership fees (collectively, the “Tax”), member shall be responsible to pay the Tax in full to ensure HAPS Alliance collects the entire amount of its membership fees.