HAPS Alliance Member Spotlight with Sceye on the Potential of the Stratosphere

Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen, Sceye CEO and Founder

Sceye is a material science company founded in 2014. Like its sister companies, LifeStraw and Vestergaard, Sceye is committed to improving the lives of the most vulnerable. Leaning on a legacy of humanitarian entrepreneurship, the company builds and operates HAPS to provide universal and equitable connectivity, track methane emissions, and provide early detection of wildfires and other natural disasters. We are drawn to the potential of the stratosphere as one of the greatest opportunities to amplify positive impact in our lifetime.

Pushing the scientific boundaries of hull fabric, batteries, and solar panels, we set out to build a lighter, stronger, and more energy-efficient HAPS to address the key challenges in stratospheric flight: staying at altitude, in a stationary position, and with a closed power loop. We prioritize endurance so we can maintain our geostationary position in the stratosphere and maximize our ability to enable change.

We view HAPs as instant infrastructure. By replacing land and resource-intensive technologies like cell towers and fiber-optic cables with a tower in the sky approach, we enable equitable inclusion in a networked world. While stationed in the stratosphere, advanced sensors work to improve environmental stewardship through real-time monitoring of greenhouse gas levels, and swifter responses to ecological crises that threaten the natural world.

To meet our objectives as a company and as an industry, we need to create an enabling environment for HAPS commercialization and normalize our presence in the stratosphere. The Alliance serves as a platform for thought leadership, cross-sector collaboration and opportunities to advocate with one voice to shape our regulatory and normative environment.

We look forward to joining our peers across the industry to address the challenges we encounter daily. The HAPS Alliance unites like-minded thinkers from large companies, smaller-scale entrepreneurs and research institutions so that we can work together to develop cleaner, more efficient and accountable infrastructure and usher in the next digital evolution for billions of people.