HAPS Alliance Members Spotlight Potential of HAPS Technology at Industry Events

By HAPS Alliance By Matthew Nicholson, HAPS Alliance Marketing and Communications Working Group Chair

The HAPS Alliance members were thrilled to be able to return to present the potential of HAPS technology at a wide range of in-person industry events.

This quarter, HAPS Alliance member companies Airbus, HAPSMobile, and Kraus Hamdani Airspace presented on the robust capabilities of HAPS technology to advance multiple endeavors, such as Earth observation, the United Nations’ Strategic Development Goals, and stratospheric exploration at the following events and workshops:

The Summit at Lan Space 25 May 2022

HAPS Alliance Executive Board Member Fatema Hamdani and HAPS Alliance Telecommunications Working Group Chair, CEO of Kraus Hamdani Airspace presented “How Space Can Contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals”.

At the Lan Space Summit that took place in Davos during the annual World Economic Forum, Fatema Hamdani, opened remarks by talking about how space, through HAPS technology, will play a key role in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. She discussed how the HAPS Alliance is taking a holistic perspective to change how the world sees HAPS as an opportunity for sustainability. Hamdani continued the discussion by highlighting HAPS Alliance’s involvement in helping define regulations to take mindful steps toward building non-terrestrial infrastructure.

Living Planet Symposium 26 May 2022

At this year’s Living Planet Symposium, Roser Roca Toha, HAPS Alliance Secretary, Head of UAS Marketing at Airbus Defence and Space, presented “Unlocking the Power of HAPS for Earth Observation”. Toha highlighted HAPS’ significant ability to aid in earth observation. HAPS vehicles are fitted with Earth observations payloads that can take high-quality imagery and video in the stratosphere. In the near future, she anticipates that these HAPS-enabled flights would allow for real-time data that could assist in weather reports, disaster information, rescue operations, and more. In addition, she provided insight into the HAPS Alliance’s approach to Earth observation, sharing use cases and tests.

In addition, she highlighted the importance of HAPS Alliance members’ work to move Earth observation space forward, such as Sceye’s wind-driven HAPS platform, Raven Aerostar’s free-flying Aerostar balloon, HAPSMobile’s fixed-wing solar-powered Sunglider aircraft co-developed with AeroVironment, and Airbus’ Zephyr flight campaign.

ITU-R Workshop on “IMT for 2030 and Beyond” 14 June 2022

Shiro Fukumoto, Vice-Chair of the HAPS Alliance Telecommunications Working Group, Standardization Department at HAPSMobile Inc. presented “Unlocking the Potential of the Stratosphere“.

Fukumoto focused on the potential of HAPS systems in the exploration of the stratosphere due to its current advancements in technology, including AI and machine learning, battery and power improvements, lighter polymer material with high strength and barrier properties, and more. He also pointed out the incremental connectivity opportunities HAPS will open up for MNOs, such as connecting directly to existing mobile handsets.

Jaroslav Holiš, Deutsche Telekom, and Yuki Hokazono, NTT DOCOMO, also participated, introducing their respective efforts including LTE and 5G SA flight trials in Germany, a joint R&D project by Airbus, NTT DOCOMO and Sky Perfect JSAT, and a Zephyr trial. Finally, Fukumoto highlighted that IMT for 2030 and Beyond (aka 6G) should have the capability of ultra-wide 3D coverage which will be realized by using HAPS.

As a result of these presentations, the HAPS Alliance is seeing increased recognition and interest in HAPS technology. We encourage all companies interested in the HAPS ecosystem to become HAPS Alliance members. By joining our membership initiatives, including working groups and member-only meetings, you’ll get an opportunity to collaborate with HAPS Alliance members working on technology components and use cases that are enabling a smarter, sustainable, more equitable world. Join us and learn more by visiting our membership page.