Shiro Fukumoto


Shiro Fukumoto

Vice-Chair of the Telecommunications WG

Standardization Department

HAPSMobile Inc.

Shiro Fukumoto is the Director of Standardization Department at SoftBank Corp. and assumes a similar role at HAPSMobile, responsible for spectrum-related international standardization activities in ITU-R, APT and 3GPP for both companies.  He has around 15 years experience in the telecommunications sector addressing regulatory and technology standardization aspects. He played a leading role in key discussions on HAPS at WRC-19, ITU-R and APT, making major contributions to the establishment of WRC-23 agenda item 1.4 (additional identifications of HAPS frequency bands) as an APT rapporteur, and he is now leading the discussion of ITU-R proposals in HAPS Alliance Telecom Working Group as a leader of ITU Taskforce.