Kyle David Doverspike


Kyle David Doverspike

Co-Chair of the Defense Applications WG

Program Management Lead, Operational Projects


Kyle Doverspike is a leading advocate and operator of stratospheric platforms with more than 7 years supporting the development of stratospheric technologies. As Mission Services Manager and Technical Program Manager for Stratospheric Operations at Aerostar, Kyle has planned, operated, or led several hundred stratospheric balloon flights in support of the US Department of Defense and commercial industry sectors. Kyle has extensive experience working with the US Department of Defense (including USARPAC Futures, Army MDTF, NAVAIR PMA-271 TACAMOs, Army Futures Command, OUSD Special Programs, and others). Kyle also brings extensive experience working with foreign allies on missions outside of the United States on four different continents. Kyle has worked with Army SMDC, NAVAIR, and AFRL to develop strategies, concepts of operation, employment, and policies for HAPs. Through repeated application in the Defense industry, Kyle is a subject matter expert regarding flight safety reviews, spectrum policies, airspace management, and stratospheric effects in Defense applications.

Kyle also has 15 years experience working as a contractor and commercial industry partner to the US Department of Defense. In his work with Virginia Applied Research Corporation (VTACR) and Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), Kyle specialized in assisting military services and directorates to rapidly develop, evaluate, and implement emerging technologies for TRADOC, JIEDO, SOCOM S&T, as well as NRO AS&T and FT&AD Programs. Kyle has spent many years working hands on with specialists from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Special Forces, and Intelligence Communities to implement new technologies for the Warfighter. Kyle attended the University of Pittsburgh and received two Bachelors in Science in both Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with additional studies in Physics and Mathematics.