Gowri Vijayakumar

Vice-Chair of the Marketing & Communications WG

Senior Manager, Systems Engineering


Gowri is an engineering leader with over eighteen years of experience in engineering, aerospace, certification, project management, and systems engineering. For the past six years at AeroVironment, he has been focused on making HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo-Satellites) safe and reliable. He had also led HAPS certification efforts for AeroVironment. Gowri has excellent problem-solving, decision-making, risk-management, and teaming skills which he leverages to achieve challenging goals.
Gowri has worked for companies such as Rockwell Collins and Harley Davidson, exposing him to diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction machinery. He has been an active member of the HAPS Alliance’s Aviation Working Group for the past three years. He has two master's degrees in engineering.
Gowri is in the process of transitioning to a business management role within AeroVironment. As part of this transition, he has enrolled in an MBA program at Boston University.