David Stephen Korn


David Stephen Korn

Co-Chair of the Defense Applications WG

Senior Architect

Nokia Federal Solutions

David Korn is a hybrid business development lead, R&D advocate, program manager, wireless communications systems engineer and architect focusing on developing new capabilities based on insertion of emerging technologies. 30+ years deep and broad experience base across multiple DoD, satellite, sensor, and communications companies (L3Harris, a few Silicon Valley start-ups, General Dynamics, Maxar, Lockheed Martin, US National Reconnaissance Office, US Naval Research Laboratory, others) spanning multi-platform (space, air, maritime, terrestrial) comms, signal intelligence, electronic warfare, radar, and navigation systems. MSEE and BSEE. Well-connected across the US defense industrial base and government teams. Familiar with DoD sponsorship of high-altitude airships, tethered aerostats, UAVs, and manned aircraft.