Member Spotlight with Stratosyst on the Benefits of the HAPS Alliance

Stratosyst is a Czech company based in Prague that was founded with one single purpose – to make long-term sustainable stratospheric flight a reality. The original idea was to develop HAPS as an astronomic observatory, and the whole concept was presented this way at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide in 2017 and in Washington in 2019.

Member Spotlight with Filtronic on the Benefits of the HAPS Alliance

Filtronic designs and manufactures products that transmit, receive, condition and manage radio waves, particularly at microwave and mmWave frequencies. Mission-critical communication networks depend on our systems and components.

Member Spotlight with Intelsat on the Benefits of the HAPS Alliance

Intelsat is an active member of the HAPS Alliance and an avid supporter of HAPS technologies, including communications, imaging, and sensors supporting M2M and IoT. The energy and support that HAPS Mobile and Loon established with the launch of the HAPS Alliance to introduce the world to HAPS impressed us.

Member Spotlight with AeroVironment on the Benefits of the HAPS Alliance

AeroVironment is a pioneer and global leader in HAPS unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In the 1980s, AeroVironment invented the concept of solar-powered UAS for long endurance operation in the stratosphere to provide connectivity, remote sensing and other valuable capabilities.

Member Spotlight with HAPSMobile and SoftBank

HAPSMobile Inc. (“HAPSMobile”) was established in 2017 as a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., one of Japan’s leading mobile network operators.

Boldly going where no organization has gone before

Exploring new frontiers is always exciting. When the expedition requires the cooperative efforts of distinct industries, the adventure becomes even more challenging and opportunistic..