Indonesia-ITU Concern Forum (IICF) on the Alignment of HAPS Technology and ITU Initiatives

By Indonesia-ITU Concern Forum (IICF) Chairman and Founder, Eddy Setiawan

The Indonesia-ITU Concern Forum (IICF) is a non-governmental, non-political and not-for-profit organization registered in Indonesia. IICF is dedicated to promoting the development and deployment of ICT (including capacity building) in Indonesia in line with ITU initiatives. Given its focus on ITU activities, IICF recognizes high altitude platform stations (HAPS) as a crucial and cost-effective future technology solution to bridge the digital divide for the 2.7 billion unconnected individuals worldwide.

As part of its strategic approach, IICF has become a member of the HAPS Alliance, valuing its position as an influential group for promoting the advantages of HAPS and providing a platform to engage with experts and supporters of this technology. The organization eagerly expects collaborating with other members to advise for the ease of the development and implementation of HAPS in Indonesia.

As an Alliance member, IICF will work collectively with Alliance members to advocate the advantages of HAPS with relevant authorities in various countries, build a cooperative HAPS ecosystem, develop common product specifications and promote the standardization of HAPS network interoperability.

IICF joins HAPS Alliance members from the telecommunications, technology, aviation and aerospace industries. By working collaboratively, these HAPS Alliance members aim to cut the digital divide and bring connectivity to more people, places and things worldwide by accelerating the promotion of HAPS in the stratosphere.