HAPS Alliance Member Spotlight with UAVOS Inc.

Vadim TarasovUAVOS Inc. Chair Board  

UAVOS is a global developer and manufacturer of security and commercial solutions based on advanced Unmanned Systems. UAVOS’ technology, products, and tailored services include multi-role UAVs, unique proprietary autopilots, advanced communication systems, UAV components, and experiential training.

We joined the HAPS Alliance as it is the perfect place to unlock the vast potential of the stratosphere to serve humankind. The HAPS Alliance brings together people at the forefront of technology with vast experience, various backgrounds, and incomparable drive to achieve results.

The HAPS Alliance’s key concept is to encourage and foster a HAPS market ecosystem with various telecom and aerospace companies. The organization is an important step forward in building a breakthrough stratospheric aircraft technology that will be able to build a viable industry and create a HAPS ecosystem.

UAVOS comes to the HAPS Alliance with prior involvement in stratospheric R&D projects, including the development of the HiDRON meteo missions stratospheric glider and the HAPS ApusDuo autonomous aircraft. HAPS technology has been tested on the aircraft with a wingspan of up to 28 m- the total flight time is more than 1,000 hours, the maximum flight altitude is 19 km, the flight time is 52 hours.

We are looking forward to providing support to the Alliance’s working groups, from unmanned systems engineering and aircraft operation to educational outreach. In particular, we are enthusiastic about uniting the partners in the HAPS Alliance to develop an ecosystem around an innovative solar HAPS unmanned aircraft system. At the end of the day, that is the thing we are most excited about: making the promise of global connectivity into a reality.