Andy Thurling


Andy Thurling

Chair of the Aviation WG

Consultant, HAPS Airworthiness and Airspace Integration

HAPSMobile Inc.

Andy Thurling is Principal at Thurling Aero Consulting and Chief Technology Officer for NUAIR. He is involved in research on current and future unmanned technologies, evaluation of potential paths to implementation, development of industry consensus standards for approval by regulators, and flight test techniques to verify compliance. He is active in national and international standards bodies including ASTM, RTCA, EUROCAE, and ISO. He is also a subject matter expert to JARUS and the ICAO Trust Framework Study Group. Andy’s previous positions include Director of Mission Assurance at AeroVironment where he led airworthiness, certification, and airspace access strategic efforts. Andy is a Distinguished Graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School. He has held several positions as a test pilot and as an instructor at the Test Pilot School and Commander of a USAF Flight Test Squadron. Andy has over 2,300 hours of flight time in more than 35 aircraft types.