Working Groups

HAPS Alliance Working Groups enable our eligible members to deepen their participation and enhance their influence on the development and deployment of HAPS ventures. Whatever your area of expertise, as a leader in your industry, our working groups enable you to have a direct and tangible effect on the future of high altitude platform stations (HAPS).  

 HAPS Alliance Working Groups cover several critical areas: marketing and communications, aviation, and telecommunications. 


Working together to accelerate technical growth of safe, reliable HAPS systems to unlock the worldwide services potential of the stratosphere.

We do this by sharing a HAPS Alliance-centric concept of operations with our regulators and stakeholders to find the best route forwards.

Chair of the Aviation WG: Andy Thurling

Vice-Chair of the Aviation WG: Timothy Down


Working to advance the global HAPS ecosystem for telecommunications use cases through education, research, regulatory advocacy, and technical standards.

Currently focused on standards contributions to multiple groups and regulatory guidance in support of HAPS solutions.

Chair of the Telecommunications WG: Fatema Hamdani

Vice-Chair of the Telecommunications WG: Shiro Fukumoto


Supporting the creation of HAPS ecosystem by supporting Alliance goals in driving awareness, safety and regulatory alignment and commercial adoption.

Currently working on educating stakeholders about the value of stratosphere and hybrid networks; building credibility and establigh authority in HAPS operations and bridging the divide between aerospace, teleco and regulatory by facilitating cross-industry collaboration.

Chair of the Marketing & Communications WG: Matthew Nicholson

Working Group Chairs

Fatema HamdaniCo-Founder and CEOKraus Hamdani Aerospace, Inc.

Fatema is a futurist, TEDx speaker and a global citizen with a passion to solve problems with technology, specifically data and intelligence and connectivity. She has a background in building global business across various verticals, including Telecommunication, financial services, defense, and enterprise SaaS offerings. As Co-Founder and CEO of Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, she is focused on building a Triple Bottom Line company with equal focus on Profit, People and Planet and a vision to create connectivity and data/intelligence solutions across sea, land, air, and space using persistent non-stop aerial and high-altitude unmanned platforms.

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